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21 Ads You Won’t Hate

Bloomberg the Company Products
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Bloomberg Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of payday loans wichita ks information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the online payday loan world.+1 212 318 2000

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What it is: A Web page that uses augmented reality

Who created it: Fitting Box, Lab Cedex, France

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Why you won’t hate it: Shoppers can project payday try on Ray Ban sunglasses without going to the store. payday loans direct lender The page taps
cheap ray bans users’ Web cams and virtually adds specs to their face. Viewers can look up, down, and around to check out different angles, switching models with the click of a button. The wow factor has prompted people to paste photos
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replica ray bans Virtual Mirror all over the Web, which means more exposure for the Luxottica division. See it here.Articles Connexes:

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Will a yes vote mean more pst increases

While I agree that we need to think about improved transit in the Lower Mainland, I payday loans online am very
fake ray bans concerned about the waste bottom dollar payday of money that seems to be the way TransLink operates, without any accountability. We’ve probably all heard about the inflated salary the CEO receives (more than the prime minister apply now of Canada), that they have six boards of directors, various buildings sitting vacant that cost over $1 million a year, 141 payday 2 big oil employees who receive salaries of online payday loans over $100,000 a year, and on and on. Besides the above issues mentioned regarding their waste, someone I know, who works for them, cited an example of absolute waste, wherein TransLink was hiring twice as many staff for a position where the current employees were not being utilized and there was no need to hire more people in that department. This is only one example that I’ve heard of. Who knows how many more there are that we aren’t aware of?

From a common sense perspective, if you have a pail with a hole in it, it doesn’t make sense to keep adding more water without
cheap payday 2 cheats ray castle payday bans internet payday loans fixing the hole. The long payday 3 term solution is to payday loans chicago fix the leak/repair the hole and then
replica ray bans add more water. Giving a .0.5 per cent increase to TransLink without stopping the waste is akin to putting payday 2 review more water in the pail without repairing the hole. Otherwise, there will probably be regular increases from 0.5 to 1.0 , 1.5 , 2.0 per cent and on and on because there
discount ray bans is no accountability on the part of TransLink. They need to be made accountable and stop wasting our money. Until this happens, I suggest we vote No to the 0.5 per payday cent tax online payday loan increase.Articles Connexes:

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McDonald’s forced to remove image of boat from advertising campaign

Read the whole storyCommentsBe the first to commentUse a social media account you
replica ray ban sunglasses already have to log in. More infoLogin with: LinkedIn Media UKIf you’re not on social media, register for a limited use Media UK account.By logging in,
cheap ray bans you are consenting to a cookie that personally identifies you to us. Here’s more about our cookies.The Pharma Letter appoints reporterFrom FeaturesExec Media Bulletin. Posted 11 Jul 2014, 16:26The Pharma Letter has appointed Bethany Rutter as reporter.Previously an editorial assistant at the FT Money Management, Rutter and will be covering global news for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. She can be found tweeti. The Red Bulletin launches websiteFrom FeaturesExec Media Bulletin.The website
fake ray bans will include added images,
discount ray bans behind the scenes videos and bonus text not found in the printed edition.With a global print ci. Editorial departure at The Argus (Brighton)From FeaturesExec Media Bulletin. Posted 11 Jul 2014, 16:05The Argus (Brighton) web editor Jo Wadsworth is leaving her position.Hi Katherine, tell us about your work as a freelancer, and where we are most likely to see your work?Articles Connexes:

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Naomi Campbell sashays down the runway like a pro at Fashion For Relief show

She’s been at the top of her game for the past three decades.

And Naomi Campbell was the toast of the town as she strutted down the runway at her Fashion For Relief charity catwalk show, held at the Lincoln Center in New York City on payday Saturday during New York Fashion
cheap Michael Kors Week.

The supermodel looked incredible in a series payday 2 masks of stunning designer gowns, donated by her famous fashion designer friends in a bid to raise funds to fight the Ebola crisis.

Scroll down for video

Kicking things off in style: Naomi Campbell stole the show at her Fashion For Relief event during New York Fashion Week on Saturday

Not only was Naomi the brainchild behind the charity show, but her star turn on the runway was also the highlight of the night.

Lovely in lace: The bold garment featured a lace trim and matching gloves

After a quick payday loan change, Naomi returned in
michael kors handbags outlet a chic black and white
Michael payday loans online kors handbags outlet number, with an equally low cut necklace and a lace trim that matched her gloves.

Naomi founded
Michael Kors online payday loans handbags outlet her Fashion For Relief payday 2 masks foundation in payday 2 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and payday advances it has since branched out to address other humanitarian needs.

The leggy supermodel invited a host of famous faces to take part in her fashion show.

Double act: Actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Rosario Dawson were in attendance to support Naomi

Guest of honour: Mary J. Blige walked help with payday loans down the payday loans payday loans las vegas runway holding hands with Empire star Bryshere Gray and Naomi herself

Here comes the Fashion Police: Kelly Osbourne was joined by her co hostBrad Goreski

Sparkling: R superstar Mary looked incredible in a sequinned black dress with a plunging neckline

payday 2 skill tree

Hand in hand: Kelly and Brad were all smiles as payday they strolled down the runway

Having fun with moneytree payday loans it: The gang, led by purple haired Kelly, danced their way down

Exited: Brad ez internet payday system login and Kelly previously expressed how delighted they were to online payday loan be walking in Naomi’s show

payday 2

The humanitarian, who also recently launched a pop up shop to raise money and awareness for the Ebola crisis, was joined by the likes of Mary J. Blidge, Kelly Osbourne and Michelle Rodriguez on the runway.

Michelle stayed true to her tomboy payday 2 wiki style in a cool, caped trouser suit with pink silk detailing.

Kelly payday loans online was joined by fellow Fashion Police host Brad Goreski as they danced down the runway, proving that fashion should be fun above all else.

Behind the scenes action: Trance actress Rosario stopped for a chat with Kelly

Wild look: Kelly’s monochrome payday loans number featured cute colourful leaf decorations all over
Michael Kors outlet it

Having a blast: The ez internet payday system login dynamic duo were enjoying themselves to the max on the runway

Leggy in leather: Australian modelCheyenne Tozzi stunned in a leather cut out dress

Pulling her best pout: payday loans nj Socialite Paris Hilton tried to blend in with the models backstage

Paris Hilton also made an payday loans kansas city appearance on the runway, wearing the campaign’s special fundraising tee, as did top models including Shanina Shaik and Tyson Beckford.

Naomi will also kick off London Fashion Week with a similar,
Michael Kors discounts star studded Fashion For Relief show.

‘The Fashion For Relief Show online payday loan lenders is an incredible event and this year we hope to raise online payday loan more money than ever payday 2 cheats before’, she commented.

Taking notes: Fast and Furious star Michelle got some last minute modelling pointers from Shanina ShaikArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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5 Things That Shouldn’t Make You Mad But Will

There’s a lot of anger in the world today for a hell of a lot of reasons. People are angry at the president, angry about payday loans near me big business, about the climate, about employment, and about the lack of compelling storylines in porno. And while you should be justly angry about so many things, there’s an equal amount of stuff people will get pissy about for no good reason whatsoever. The kinds of things that set you off even though you can’t explain why and you’ll look silly if you try to justify it but, oh well, you’re still pissed. Things like this stuff!According to science, a hiccup is what occurs when I have no idea. What am I,
replica Michael Kors outlet an ornithologist? It’s something to do with a flipped diaphragm or whatever. The point is, a hiccup is when someone goes "hyack" about 300 times in a row and you sit there and try not to murder them until it ends.

Nothing in the world has more bullshit home remedies than hiccups. You’d think people would spend more time trying to figure out if lemon and honey cures cancer, but they don’t. Instead they let you know that breathing into payday loan a paper bag on your head while drinking water with a Hot Pocket in your ass will
Michael Kors discounts probably fix those hiccups right up. Also, it never works, so instead ez internet payday system login of just being annoyed by hiccups, you get annoyed by hiccups and the ridiculous ways people try to fix them. But the fact that
fake Michael Kors there are so many ways to try to fix them speaks to just
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet how much people hate them. They’ll try 101 ridiculous things to make them go away because hiccups are the biological function equivalent of that guy who smears shit on the walls in a public restroom.

No one has control over hiccups, which is why it’s kind of shitty to be payday 2 mods so frustrated by them. I get hiccups and I piss myself off; it makes no sense. I assume it’s the repetitiveness of it that is so off putting, like when you’re a kid in school and that little fuck who sits next to you keeps poking you because his mom payday loans utah drinks a lot and his dad is never there and he thinks this kind of shit is kosher and it’s not like it hurts, it’s just that eventually you have to stab him with your advance payday pencil so he understands his
fake Michael Kors place in the natural order of things.

I like to think that on some primal level we’re offended by hiccups as a lack of control. We see some hiccuping chucklefuck and think, "What a weak willed nancy," or something very similar to that. You can’t even stop your body from making cartoon spasms. You eat shit and die. Is that fair? No. My choices are hypnotism, some kind of voodoo intervention, or living alone in the mountains, payday loans las vegas I think. I absolutely despise the sound of chewing. If another person has to eat near me and I can hear it, start a timer, because in under a minute blood will be dripping from my ears and hissing like alien blood on the ground when it lands.

I understand that my hatred of the sound of chewing is irrational,
Michael Kors handbags as my emotional response is on par with watching the slaughter of innocents, as though I’m being forced to endure cosmic injustice. It’s just chewing. But fuck me . I feel like we should all know how to chew at this point. I think everything on Earth masters chewing the day it is born except humans. There are single celled organisms out there that just sort of sit on protein blobs or whatever the fuck they do and absorb those nutrients, and there’s no slurpy sound, no chomping or weird fucking humming or yummy sounds that make me want to drown them in a toilet and leave them there with their pants around their ankles so that, when they’re discovered, people assume something even worse than what really happened went down, as a kind of final insult.

There’s obviously no good reason why this one sound enrages me payday loans no credit check so much, but there it is. I feel like it’s a sign that you can’t be bothered to separate yourself from a medicated ape. Like that extra bit of effort required to close your mouth is just too much, so shlappy shlompy squish squash, put more fucking pudding in my hole.

Let me preface this by saying
replica Michael Kors handbags that it doesn’t apply to everyone, or all the time. But some people, sometimes, just cannot and will not handle even the idea that someone thinks a different thing.
cheap Michael Kors And while we all want to live under the belief that we’re all unique and beautiful little snowflakes and special and different in every way, fuck anyone who is different and unique in a way we don’t like. And this doesn’t mean I like freedom and you like subjugation and prison camps for redheads. This means I think Fight Club was a good movie and you don’t, so now I have to carpet bomb your house and make your parents watch as I flay you alive, you dumbass opinion haver, you.

The Internet has likely shown you that what you think about movies, music, religion, and politics really rubs someone else the wrong way. Just mention on a liberal website that you’re a Republican and wait for someone to call you a fascist or right wing nutjob. Do the opposite and see how long it takes for someone to condemn you for your position on abortion. And this could all have started in a conversation about cookie recipes.

If you dislike the Godfather movies, someone will probably insist you’re either insane or retarded at some point in time. This will hold true for any opinion that is not the popular opinion. You dislike X, or you think Y is better than X, where X is literally anything regarded favorably by a majority of people, and you will be called out. And it will be mean. It will be so fucking mean. You whole bloodline will be called to task if you allow the conversation to fester.Articles Connexes:

payday loan

Articles Connexes:

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Leandra Medine’s Lessons In Style

The Man Repeller in three words: Sassy. Pants. armparty. Three terms that don’t make sense when describing absolutely anything except Leandra Medine’s blog,The
fake Michael kors handbags outlet Man Repeller.

Medine is not your average twenty something. She has an over the top personality that she flaunts through her eclectic taste in fashion on the web. Over the past year and a half of blogging, Medine has trademarked the concept of Man Repelling. But what exactly is man repelling you ask?

It’s basically the idea of wearing anything you see on the runway out on the street which has the tendency to boggle a man’s mind and keep him at bay. Let’s break that idea down. Start with something basic, add as many textures and layers as possible, throw on some amazing shoes and stack your wrists with bracelets to create an "arm party." Man repelling is not about looking bad or being poorly dressed. It’s actually the opposite. Medine says, you know you’re man repelling when you get stopped
cheap michael kors for a street style blog. So man repelling is a fashionable look that is cool to other women, but is
Michael Kors handbags outlet confusing to the male species.

Medine, the creator and perfecter of man repelling, sat down with us on
Michael Kors handbags a recent trip to Toronto to help launch the new style blog of Holt Renfrew, Holts Muse. Dressed in green satin polka dot pants and sky high wedge boots, she delved into the world of man repelling in a thoroughly entertaining way. Here are some of the sartorial life lessons she gave us.

Why did you start the blog?

"The number one story is that I had been a journalism student and I’d pitch to newspapers or magazines and every time they would run my work by the time it was finally published it had been so editorialized I felt it lost all the quirk and charm I had intentionally put in.

The other story is I had been dating these three guys and none of them would commit. I was complaining [about the situation] to a friend of mine while shopping at TOPSHOP (she’s an editor at Women’s Wear Daily). Her response? "Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe they’re just not proud to take you around because you dress so flamboyantly. Maybe not flamboyantly, but look at you: you’re wearing high waist denim shorts, black tights and black booties with a denim shirt. You look cool to me, and if I was Scott Schuman I would photograph you,
discount Michael Kors but to a guy it’s really weird. and you’re wearing two watches." So we tested [her theory] on the subway." The rest, as they say, is history.

Before we dig deeper into the world of man repelling, check out some of Medine’s best looks. The rest of the story continues below.

"In the final and perhaps most crucial step in this entire transformation, I think I come to reteach an age old saying that states: it’s all in the details. A pearl bib preaches my newest favorite motto: "bibs, not just for babies," in a way no chunky chain necklace likely could. Aside from that even, every girl needs a pearl necklace, if you know what I’m saying. Raunch city. As for the shoes, sure I could have opted for another unusual shoe but
replica Michael Kors outlet hi, hello, these are snakeskin open toe boots with an unusually large ankle entry. Finally, turban not optional."

"I fell into the proverbial laps of several different recognizable faces. It was like walking down deaths row see what I did just there, cue my title but better. First, my doorman looked at me, looked away, looked at me again and remarked: "Miss Repella! Where you going looking like that?" I laughed and continued on until I
discount Michael Kors came across three boys, all brothers, the children of my mother’s close friend. One is 10 years old. He’s never spoken a word to me despite my incessant requests nearly every family gathering for hugs, kisses, a high five and maybe a chance to play Wii with him. On this day however, he followed his older brother’s lead, who shook his head when he looked at me and then finally remarked, "you look so weird.""

"Does anyone really ever take time to speculate the importance of a mailman? He delivers your mail. Your mail. I know it doesn’t seem as important as it used to. There are rarely love letters signed and sealed anymore. Most of that goes through e mail, Craigs List, or. you know, Facebook’s antiquated "Honesty Box." But what about the other things that still come via snail mail: jury duty summonings, bills, letters from your insurance company telling you your favorite doctors are no longer taking the aforementioned insurance. Fine, you’re right, he’s not important at all, that stupid mail devil. Which is why I set fire to his little rolling cart of death threats just moments after these photos were taken."

"You may or may not know that I spent the early portion of this week in Toronto sorry I mean soooory I mean Toronno helping the loverly ladies at Holt Renfrew launch their new blog Holts Muse. in only one hours time. Also a pleasure: making a personal appearance (I laugh) and hosting a cocktail party at the Bloor Street location of Holt Renfrew in T town. There, constructed upon five big bubble letters that spelled out Holts were five key trends to perfect your try at man repelling clad in photos from this here blog. This obviously includes: the arm party, colored pants, leopard print, chunky booties and oversized clutches. They just get me. It’s sweet. But onto what’s important,
Michael Kors discounts peep the photos below of my two carefully constructed outfits for the day. flight."

Do you think women dress for women or do women dress for men?

"Women totally dress for women. If we were dressed for men, we’d be prancing around in tight, tight, tight bodycon skirts and tops all day or really simple jeans and T shirts. Because men like things simple and girls like things complex. Our sartorial choices aren’t that different from our psyches."

How do you then start to cultivate your own concept of style?

"I’m not dressing with men in mind at all. I’m just going to wear what I want to wear. It makes things easier, too. If you’re getting dressed and you think, ‘This guy that I really like is going to be there, what should I wear?’ you’ll never end up looking as good as you could have because you had him in mind. When I wake up, I put on what I’m in the mood to wear."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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investigates reports of executions

BAMAKO (Reuters) The United Nations said on Friday it was investigating reports of serious human rights abuses, direct payday lenders including the execution of civilians, direct lender payday loans in northern payday 2 cheats Mali following clashes this week between northern Tuareg separatist rebels and pro government militia. mission in payday loans near me Mali said on Friday it had sent a team of ace payday loans investigators to verify reports of serious abuses and
cheap oakleys the execution of civilians, possibly including an aid worker in Tin Hamma, in Gao region.

project payday

payday 2 cheats

"These abuses followed as a result of the clashes on May 20 between members of the Platform (pro government militia) and the instant payday network Coordination of Movements of Azawad," the mission said.

The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, a member of the CMA coalition, said in a statement that nine people including payday 2 dlc two who worked for international aid agencies were arrested by pro government militia and executed. It added that several others were missing.

"The payday 2 masks execution took place in public,
oakley sunglasses replica at the town’s cattle market and the payday loan bodies were still
wholesale oakleys exposed in the public square as of 1500 GMT," MNLA said in the statement, listing the names of the nine.

The Malian government rejected accusations that payday loans in md its troops were ace payday loans involved in the abuses. It said in a statement late on Friday that Malian soldiers had intervened in Tin Hamma to payday loans bad credit drive out insurgents who had killed three civilians
payday loans online no credit check wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses in the attack.

"The government is surprised by the allegations of abuses on the population attributed
fake oakley sunglasses to the armed forces following the events in Tin Hamma," it said. mission said it was concerned about an alarming escalation of fighting in several areas
cheap fake oakley sunglasses of northern Mali, which was in violation of the ceasefire and could jeopardise the peace deal.

Separately, it said 12 rockets hit its camp
replica oakleys in Ber, about 50 km (30 miles) east of Timbuktu, on Friday. It did not name the attackers but said there were no casualties.

There was a lull on Thursday. On Friday morning, sources within the rebel CMA and later videos that Reuters obtained showed fighting had resumed around the town of Menaka, which the rebels had been trying to take back since last month when pro government forces kicked castle payday them out.

In a separate battle, the rebels also seized the town of Tessit near Gao.

Violence has continued in northern Mali despite a 2013 French led intervention that pushed back al Qaeda linked fighters same payday loans day payday loans who hijacked the Tuareg led rebellion payday loans online and seized two thirds of the country in 2012.

A ceasefire deal was signed between
fake cheap oakley sunglasses the government, its allies and northern separatist groups last payday loans online year, but violations of the payday 2 cheats agreement have increased since pro government fighters seized Menaka late last month.Articles Connexes锛�

Articles Connexes:

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Building Buckles In Downtown Vancouver

The centerpiece of Boston’s quick payday loans Government Center, this Kallmann, McKnnell Knowles designed building has long been a source of controversy. Throughout the years there have been numerous proposals to both preserve or demolish the building, but plans on both sides have been throttled. Lewis Butler of San Francisco’s Butler Armsden Architects says the issue with Boston City Hall is more than skin deep. "Many people would love to see the Boston City Hall altogether removed, but I think the problem is more what was taken away from that part of Boston to construct the building, rather than the structure itself," he says. "I would like to restore the original neighborhoods in the area around the City Hall and give the new building a relationship with its old neighbors."

If the governor of New Jersey is calling it bad (and the building is in New Jersey), then you know something has got to be wrong. Enter Meadowlands Xanadu (now called American Dream Meadowlands), a yet to be completed retail and entertainment center in northern New Jersey. Ground broke on the project back in 2004, but when the economy tanked, progress halted and prominent politicians and community members voiced concern over the hideous facade. Just last year New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said, "It’s by far the ugliest damn building in New Jersey, and maybe America." Ouch. Now, with new developers, a new name and
fake cheap oakleys some heavy incentives from the state, completion is slated for 2013. Can this eyesore be remedied before it’s too late? Only time will tell.

Formerly known as The Experience Music Project, a museum celebrating popular music and science fiction, this building was designed by none other than the famed Frank Gehry. Don’t get us wrong we adore Hanover’s Gehry Tower, swoon over his Dancing House and hail LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall. But as one of our editors put it, "Even the best make questionable choices." Okay, so maybe it shouldn’t be demolished and, sure, as others have direct lender payday loans noted, the whole thing is fairly fitting for hosting the largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, but, admit it, from this angle, it’s pretty hideous.

online payday loans no credit check

This center, part of the controversial Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood, is indicative of what happens when profits and politics trumps good design. The building, built by Forest City Ratner, is a neighborhood killer. The developer used evictions and demolition of historic resources to make room for a disproportionately large development. Sure, upon completion, the Barclays Center is set to play host to the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, but Andre Rothblatt of Andre Rothblatt Architecture, who
fake oakleys nominated the building as a building set for demolition, isn’t sold.

Completed in 1989 the Marriot Marquis in San Francisco is often described as looking like a giant jukebox. It is one of is the most prominent towers along San Francisco’s southern skyline, with plenty of open air to display the geometric chunks of concrete holding up the building’s mirrored glass billows. Architect Daniel Ewald of Ewald Tajbaksh Architecture calls it "a horribly cheap imitation of an art deco top constructed in reflective glass and grafted onto a generic tower." The jukebox is feeble, tacky, and garish. And those are the last three words anyone wants associated with San Francisco.

In 2002, when a press release announced "The Village, a Thomas Kinkade community," in Northern California’s Vallejo, many journalists thought it was a joke, including California Home+Design’s Senior Editor Mary Jo Bowling. The late "painter of light" (he died this year) was known for his romanticized depictions of the English countryside, complete with Tudor style homes and payday 2 dodge build thatched roof cottages not the architecture one associates with Northern California. Alas, it was true. The result: McMansions with a British accent.

The Ascent’s curving crescent form was designed to maximize views while the blue and white blotchy grid pattern theoretically reflects the sky and river, but Architect Neal Schwartz is less than impressed. "Just when I thought Daniel Libeskind’s crass recycling of his single and dubious architectural idea had reached its apotheosis, I come across this ‘gem,’" he says. Likewise, the interior of the building with its laser like stripes of lights and mirrors on the ceiling and floor is just
fake oakleys as lovely.

It may not be a building, but Andrew Dunbar of San Francisco’s Interstice Architects says that the City of Brotherly Love could stand to ditch this
cheap fake oakley sunglasses monstrosity. The I 95 was built along Philadelphia’s payday 2 review waterfront when the car was a welcome guest in our cities. Sadly, Philadelphia is missing out on an opportunity that cities like San Francisco and New York have taken advantage of: making the waterfront a green zone for people. Currently, the only way to see Philadelphia’s waterfront is speeding past in a car.

With its sheer size and generic stores that you would find at any other strip mall in America, Neal Schwartz of Schwartz and Architecture claims that the Mall of America itself is the "poster child for online payday loan quantity over quality." Says Schwartz on the billions spent on the Mall’s creation and maintenance, "One has to wonder what the city itself might have been had these resources gone back to its downtown core." Look out, the Mall is getting even bigger (and likely uglier) with expansion plans coming early next year.

Architect Hope Alexander doesn’t seem very impressed by The Donald, nor does she seem impressed with his taste in buildings. Sitting at the corner of
cheap fake oakleys NYC’s Fifth Avenue and East 56th Street, the 68 story building is a symbol of 1980s excess. The building is known for its heavy handed use of brass, mirrors and pink hued
cheap oakleys Breccia Perniche marble. "Donald Trump can’t seem to drop this inane Obama ‘birther’ issue, so perhaps the Trump Tower should be dropped instead," says Alexander. "Who would really miss it? You’re fired indeed."

You can’t avoid it and you certainly can’t forget it; the MetLife Building, originally known as the Pan Am Building, has faced severe criticism since its 1963 inception thanks to its poor proportions and massive footprint. Obstructing the views of some of the city’s most project payday scam famed landmarks, architect Lewis Butler suggests "removing it
cheap oakleys to restore the Park Avenue Corridor and expose Grand Central Station." No one wants to pass the MetLife on their morning commute. It’s almost as if it was built solely to make New Yorkers cringe.

There are several buildings that run neck and neck to win the title of LA’s ugliest building (popular real estate blog Curbed Los Angeles has even hosted competitions to determine which building is the most awful). Lewis Butler says that the every LA highrise with the exception of John Portman’s Bonaventure building should be torn town. But, according to Cathy Johnson and Rebecca Rudolph of Design, Bitches, the clear winner is the black and white, pink trimmed mini mall on the corner of Melrose and La Cienega. "Maybe we would let the building stand as a monument to ugliness," says Rudolph.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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million boost for young skills and jobs

More jobs and training opportunities will be created as the Scottish Government takes forward recommendations of a transformational report on developing Scotland’s young workforce.

The final report by the Wood Commission was published earlier this month and made a number of recommendations aimed at establishing world class vocational education in Scotland.

In a statement to the
oakley sunglasses replica Scottish Parliament, Cabinet Secretary for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment Angela Constance announced that a total of 4.5 million will be invested in the following activity:

Piloting Foundation Apprenticeships, allowing young people to start training while still at schoolPiloting Advanced Apprenticeships including to graduate level in key skills sectorsGetting regional employer partnerships off the ground Developing Scotland’s careers advisory service to provide earlier supportAddressing gender segregation and assisting young disabled people and minority groups
fake oakley sunglasses to better access training and employment programmesEnabling Education Scotland to support schools, colleges and communities to better prepare all young people for the world of work

Ms Constance said:

fake cheap oakleys in Scotland’s young workforce is key to Scotland’s future economic success and tapping into all our talents through a more diverse workforce is not just the right thing to do but makes economic sense.

"Higher skill levels and greater participation in the labour market can boost the productivity of our businesses and help to make Scotland a wealthier country.

"I share the ambitions of the
fake cheap oakleys report to significantly reduce youth unemployment and ultimately we want to see a 40 per cent reduction in youth unemployment in Scotland. The work we are now taking forward will be a further positive step in that direction.

"That is why we are responding quickly to the report’s recommendations.

"The report from Sir Ian Wood and his colleagues on the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce has the potential to truly transform vocational education and training in Scotland. Having now considered the report’s findings, I am committed to keeping the momentum going and acting now to improve the opportunities for young people in partnership with employers.

"We must build upon the skills for learning, life and work that our children are developing under Curriculum for Excellence and ensure that our schools, colleges and employers work together to maximise training and job opportunities for our young people. The measures I am announcing today will embed good work already underway to refocus how education and business join up in the best interests of young people.

"Piloting of foundation apprenticeships could give hundreds of young women and men the chance to take those first steps towards work before leaving school and advanced apprenticeships will also enhance skills levels in key sectors.

"The package will also help to address a range of equalities issues in training, improving access for young disabled people and minority groups and improving the gender balance across sectors. I also hope to outline how we can support more care leavers into training opportunities later this year.

"This is
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale an initial response to the report. Working in partnership with local government and other partners we will continue to engage with business and young people ahead of a full plan of action to be brought forward later this year."The 4.5 million funding includes:

3 million for a skills package, including piloting Foundation and Advanced apprenticeships; developing the careers advisory service and addressing
fake oakleys gender segregation and assisting young
fake oakley wholesale disabled people and minority groups into training and employment programmes, 1 million to establish local employer partnerships, and 0.5 million to enable Education Scotland to be more focused on supporting young people towards work.

This funding is part of 12 million to support the youth workforce announced by
cheap fake oakley sunglasses the Scottish Government earlier this year. We will work with our partners in local government on how that is best deployed and make further announcements in due course.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: